Sign in Assistance

Sign in Assistance

Easy Sign-in ~ Signing into Medscape via an Email Link/Password Reset Not Needed

Twitter or Facebook accounts are NOT necessary… and either are passwords. Yes. Really.

Until now,  if you forgot your Medscape login information, one would have to request a password reset or access us through social media. Both of these services made signing in quick and easy.

However, we still continued to receive many inquiries asking for login assistance, so we decided to simplify the process. 

Today, we are pleased to offer sign in without password - you enter your registered email address, and we email you a link with direct access to Medscape.

If you would rather change your password, that option, of course is available - we are simply giving you more choices ~ we understand you are busy, and want to help make your day a little easier.
  1. In order to request a link for sign-in (or password reset) one must already have a registered account. If you registered, go to step 2.
  2. Go to the Login page
  3. Choose “Login without a Password” (Or reset password, your choice)
  4. Enter your registered email address. (note:This may be different from your username)
  5. Check said email address inbox for the 'Login without a Password email'.  (or Password reset, whichever you had selected) Please note: This is a temporary link and will expire. If expires, request a new one via the same process.
  6. Having any issues?  ~  Check your spam folder if you cannot locate the email within your inbox.
  7.  Well..that didn't help?  Contact our Medscape Member Support Team ; we are here and ready to assist.

Whether one no longer has access to the email address used during registration, or one does not recall their registered email address; we can help.

Please send an email to explaining the issue, or you may click the 'Contact Us' button at the top of this page.

Medscape Member Support will get back to you as soon as possible.

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