How can I earn free CME/CE credits on Medscape?


Activities with a red CME/CE next to them have credit available. After completing the course, including passing the test, you will receive the CME/CE credit.

  1. Once logged into the site, click the CME & Education link from any home page located at the top of the page, or go directly to
  2. This page highlights current continuing education activities for the particular specialty you are registered for.
  3. Click on any link with a red CME or CME/CE next to it to access the activity.
  4. A 'CME Information' window will pop-up that outlines the type and number of credits available.
  5. When you are finished with the article, use the 'Earn CME Credit' button to access the test.
  6. Each CME/CE activity requires that you score at least 70% correct, so when you click 'Save and Proceed' the site will inform you which, if any, questions you've answered incorrectly. You will be given the opportunity to answer those again.
  7. Once you've successfully completed the test, you can proceed to your Tracker to view all earned credits, or go straight to that specific certificate to print it. Your Tracker will keep a record of all certificates earned, so you do not need to print them immediately.


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