I am a pharmacist and would like my RX credits earned on Medscape to synch with my CPE Monitor on my NABP account. How do I do that?

Medscape is now compliant with the new standards for digitally submitting ACPE credit. ACPE credits you earned with Medscape within the previous 60 days and any going forward will now be automatically transmitted to your CPE Monitor on the NABP website.

If you have not set up your Medscape account for this, you can update your Professional/Contact Information by following the steps below:

1. Log in to www.medscape.com

2. Place your mouse over your name in the upper-right corner, and select "My Account"

3. Select Professional/Contact Information

4. Select "Professional Information" from the Table of Contents

5. Enter your NABP ID, as well as your full Date of Birth, State Licensure information, and First and Last name. Then, hit "Update". Please also make sure this data matches exactly to the data within your ACPE Monitor account.

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